Ever-changing styles, in small quantities, are color-coordinated on the racks.

Zing Boutique receives dozens of new styles weekly and only 3 to 6 pieces of each item. We seldom reorder styles, except by special request. This ensures that you’ll rarely find someone with your exact same outfit, but will continually find something new each time you visit. Most styles are color coordinated on the racks, for ease of selection. Let us assist you with pulling fashion gems from various choices to create a look that is unique to you. Zing is filled with tasteful styles for every budget, body type, and age.


Our Brands


Focusing on product lines that are made in America, Zing’s fashion adventure supports our own labor force as well.

Some of the fashion-favorite, Made-in-the-USA brands we carry include:

Other fashion favorites include well-known lines such as:

24 Wishes Vintage, ILI Leather, Lior, Minnetonka, Robell, Wild Palms, Zee Alexis Shoes, and more!

We host in-store events ranging from trunk shows to sample shows to private consults with fashion stylists, writers, and industry reps. Authors, motivational speakers, book clubs, community groups, and private parties have also utilized our Event Room for extra-special occasions.